Black History Month | My Experience Growing Up Black in a White Area

Race isn’t something I’ve talked about a lot here, although it is a topic I really enjoy writing about and base a lot of my university work around as a journalism student. Today, I want to share a little bit about my experience as a mixed (black and white) woman growing up in the United Kingdom. More specifically, growing up in a predominantly white area. In my twenty years of living, I’ve learnt a lot about race. I know what it feels like to not belong. I know what it feels like to want to change yourself. And I know…
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Dear White People…

Based on the film of the same title released in 2014, Dear White People is a Netflix original series that follows a group of black students attending a predominantly white Ivy-League University in America. It successfully tackles a number of social issues, including racism, homophobia and police brutality, and it does so brilliantly. Before the show was even released, it received a lot of criticism from people claiming the trailer was offensive and “anti-white”. Dear White People is not racist, nor is it prejudice. Logan Browning, who plays Samantha White, advises people to “watch the first episode. In the first seven minutes, anything you…
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