The Perfect Foundation: Fenty Beauty

I’ve been searching for the ‘perfect’ foundation since I began wearing makeup. I don’t even want to think about the amount of different foundations I’ve gone through over the years. The problem is, none of them ever seemed to work for me. Most of them would give me the coverage I needed, but they all seemed to make my face look quite dry come the end of the day.
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5 Beauty Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Let’s face it; no one’s perfect when it comes to make up. I know I’m guilty of a few bad makeup decisions, just as everyone else is. Here are some of the most common beauty mistakes and how to prevent them. 1. Applying Foundation to a Dry Face. There’s nothing worse than applying foundation straight onto a naked face. This tends to leave your foundation looking dry and patchy. Moisturising your face and applying a thin layer of primer can make all the difference; believe me. It wasn’t until recently that I started making sure I at least moisturised my…
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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is great, but maybe not when it comes to wearing makeup. It often tends to to end up looking sticky and cakey and because of this, many girls prefer to go makeup-free. If you still prefer to wear makeup over the summer, you can follow some of these tips to help prevent your makeup looking cakey and create a more natural look. 1. ONLY USE A LIGHT LAYER OF FOUNDATION Some people prefer to use BB creams or tinted moisturiser, which are a lot lighter than foundation, but I find that they don’t give me enough coverage, so just…
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