Hey guys! I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks and the blog posts have been coming in very slow but I’m going to try my best to keep on top of everything from now on!

I asked you all over on my Twitter what blog post you’d like to see next and you responded with this! Keep reading to find out what apps I use for blogging.

P H O T O  E D I T I N G

Prepare yourself for a lot of editing apps coming your way! I use every single one of these apps to edit my blog and Instagram pictures. Not all at the same time (I might on the very rare occasion), but I use every single one frequently and they each help to enhance my pictures in a different way.

VSCO – Free

This is my go-to app for editing pictures. I use it every single time I edit a picture, without fail. I’m very fussy with filters and can very rarely find one I like, but this app has the prettiest filters I use almost every time! There are many free filters to choose from although you can also buy filter packs for very little. Personally, I use ‘The Aesthetic Series’ which is available in the shop for free.

I also use this app to edit the exposure, tone, white balance etc. I’d be lost without it.


After light is useful when it comes to brightening up your pictures. Increasing the exposure of a picture generally tends to leave it looking a bit washed out. With Afterlight, the brightness option brightens up the picture without giving it that effect. It’s especially helpful when editing flatlay’s and white backgrounds.

Another feature I sometimes use is their frames. When I’m creating an Instagram story and I want to add another picture to it, I like to place the picture inside a polaroid frame. You can find these on this app under Instant Films.


I don’t tend to use this app very often, but when I do it comes in extremely handy! Snapseed has a healing feature that allows you to get rid of imperfections within a picture. For example, do you have litter in your otherwise perfect outfit picture? Nine times out of ten, you can get rid of that with Snapseed’s healing feature. It’s so handy!


I use this app when the backgrounds of my pictures are looking pretty dull. Facetune’s whitening feature can change the appearance of your photos like that! Another feature I find really useful is the Matte tool. If you’re looking a bit shiny in your selfies, you can use this to tone it down a bit and get that matte look.


Surprisingly, two of my favourite filters are on Instagram stories! The filters ‘Oslo’ and ‘Melbourne’ are really good for brightening up your pictures and I’ve been using them more and more frequently as of recent.

S O C I A L  M E D I A

Social media is extremely important in terms of growing your blog. These are the platforms that work best for me.

INSTAGRAM – @thesundaydiarys

Of course, Instagram is top of the list. Since creating my Instagram account, I’ve received countless offers to collaborate with brands and a significant increase in blog traffic. If you haven’t made an Instagram account for your blog, I’d advise doing so ASAP as it can take you from being a blogger wannabe to one of the best in the game (depending on how effectively you use it).

TWITTER – @thesundaydiarys

I’ve started and stopped my twitter account countless numbers of times and it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve actually started seeing the benefits of it. Twitter allows you to connect with other bloggers, advertise your blog and engage with your audience. Make sure to be active and interact with other users and Twitter is sure to benefit your blog.

BLOGLOVIN’ – The Sunday Diary

Bloglovin’ is the best platform to grow your blogs following. It allows users to follow your page and get notifications when you post.


UNUM – Free

UNUM is a must-have app when it comes to Instagram. It allows you to plan your Instagram post and ensure your pictures fit with your feed before you actually post them. There’s also a scheduling feature, which seems like it could be quite handy. Personally, I’ve never used it, although I can see how it would be helpful to those on a busy schedule and may be too busy to post at prime time.

TRIBE – Free

I’ve only recently discovered this app, but it’s amazing! For all the Instagram influencers, TRIBE is the app for you. Through TRIBE, you can get paid to recommend products that you love. However, you do have to have over 3,000 followers to be applicable.

So these are the main apps I use when blogging, although there are still many more useful apps I use. Do you use any of these apps as well?


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  1. September 18, 2018 / 9:52 am

    Thank you for the recommendations!! You are so incredibly beautiful 🙂

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