The past few months, my life’s been pretty busy. I haven’t really been active on my blog as I just haven’t had time. I’ve been working almost every day, attending university lectures and trying to do uni work, all whilst trying to squeeze in a social life on top.

Thankfully, uni comes to an end at the beginning of next month, meaning I’ll have a lot more time to focus on my blog and my social life. Since I haven’t been active in a while, I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to recently.


I’ve been wanting another tattoo for a while now but I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted. I’d wanted a crescent moon tattoo for a while and was originally going to get a small, minimal one somewhere. After hours trawling through Pinterest, that quickly changed. I fell in love with mandalas, sun and moon tattoos and dot work. I found a few of my favourite designs and sent them to a tattoo artist, telling him which elements I liked from each. He designed the tattoo within a couple of days and after a couple of tweaks, my tattoo was designed.

I went to Gypsy Stables tattoo parlour, located in Soho, London. They were really good and scheduled me in with less than a weeks wait. I was worried about finding somewhere new to get a tattoo, especially considering I didn’t know anyone who’d had work from them, but I went through with it anyway and I’m extremely glad I did. If I get another one in London, I’ll definitely be going there again.

As of last month, I now have an Instagram account for my blog. You can follow me @thesundaydiarys.



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