Last week, I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful country of Iceland. After my twentieth birthday, my dad treated me to a long weekend away, travelling the country full of natural wonders. During the four days we spend there, we were lucky enough to see many of the amazing ‘attractions’ Iceland has to offer, including the Northern Lights, frozen waterfalls, a frozen volcanic crater, geysers and so much more.

However, the Blue Lagoon was by far my favourite tourist attraction. It’s almost impossible to read any travel piece about Iceland without hearing about the Blue Lagoon. It’s by far the most popular tourist attraction, and for good reason.

Before my trip, I was mildly skeptical of the Blue Lagoon after reading reviews about the nightmares people faced in the locker rooms, how they thought it was overrated and how bad the water is for your hair. However, we still decided to go. The Blue Lagoon is, after all, Iceland’s top tourist attraction and it would be something I deeply regretted if I’d gone to Iceland and hadn’t visited the hot spring.

When you visit the Blue Lagoon, there are four packages to choose from. The standard package starts from 6100kr (roughly £43), progressing to the luxury package, which costs 53000 (£372). We decided to go for the comfort package, which included the use of a towel, free drink of your choice and an algae face mask, along with a silica mud mask, which is included in the standard package as well.

We arrived half an hour prior to when we booked and were allowed entry immediately. We were given our towels and shown the direction of the locker rooms. In the woman’s locker room, there’s only one changing cubical provided and it can be extremely difficult to gain access to when the locker room’s busy. If you don’t feel comfortable stripping off in front of everyone, I’d recommend changing into your bikini or swimming costume beforehand.

After changing, you walk through the shower room. There are signs telling you to shower without your bikini before entering the lagoon although no one’s going to tell you off if you leave your bikini on. There are also a few cubicles to shower in.

When you leave the changing rooms, you’re taken into the entrance/meeting room of the blue lagoon. Here, you can either be brave and head straight out into the cold air and down the main entrance of the blue lagoon, or you can walk down a small slope into the water, which is inside the building, leading to a door which takes you outside so that you don’t get cold. I think it’s obvious which option I chose.

The first thing we did is head straight over to the mask station. Here, we were given the silica mask, which is included in every package. We were told to apply it and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, depending on your skin type, before washing it off in the water.
After a few minutes, you start to feel the mask harden on your skin until it eventually becomes hard and flaky. Washing it off is an easy task for guys, who can just dunk their head under the water, but if you’re trying not to get your hair wet then it’s a whole other story. Luckily, my dad brought his phone into the water with him so we set it up on the edge of the lagoon to see what we were doing.
An additional algae mask is included in the comfort package, so after we removed the silica mask we went back for the second. We were given a significantly smaller portion of this and told to leave it on for 5-10 minutes again.
I’ve always been dubious of face masks, thinking many of them are just glorified beauty products that don’t really do anything, and most of them are. However, I noticed the difference immediately after using the silica and algae masks. My face was significantly softer than before and it had cleared the majority of my pores from just one use!
Whilst I would have loved to purchase the silica mask from the shop, it was rather expensive at around £55 for 100ml.

Next, we headed over to the bar. Surprisingly, the prices of the bar weren’t too expensive (when you’re used to London prices, anyway). After seeing a few people with slushes, I was craving one by the time I got to the bar so I chose that as my drink of choice.

By this time, it was starting to get dark and the lights came on in the lagoon. We stayed there for a while longer, enjoying the hot water and the relaxing atmosphere it gave off.
I’d highly recommend the Blue Lagoon to anyone travelling to Iceland. Although pricy, it’s definitely worth the experience and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go there.



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