Located in Central London, high above Fenchurch Street, sits the Sky Gardens. Last week I visited with my friends to celebrate the end of our first year of university and as our last night out together before we all moved home. It was also an excuse to dress up and sip fancy, overpriced cocktails.

Before you can visit the Sky Gardens, you have to book a table in advance. They allow two hour spots, so we decided to book our table between 08.15 and 10.15, which was the perfect time to watch as the sun set over London. Luckily, the night we booked was pretty clear so we were able to get a good view of the sunset, and it looked absolutely amazing as it set over the London skyline.

Upon our arrival we were lead to our table straight away. We were lucky enough to be given a sofa table big enough for all eight of us right next to the window and directly opposite the Shard. It was by far the best view I’ve ever sipped cocktails to.

Not only do the sky gardens have amazing views on the outside, but the variety of plants and mood lighting on the inside made it even more impressive. There are also signs as you walk around which show you the key landmarks of London and tell you more about the plants surrounding you.
Unfortunately, the balcony was closed during our visit although it didn’t make much of a difference as the whole building is made up of windows.

The cocktails were a little pricey at £12.50 a glass, although I thought this was pretty justified considering entry into the Sky Gardens is completely free. I bought a cocktail called ‘The Pink One’ which was supposed to come out with candy floss although they’d unfortunately run out of candy floss during my visit so they replaced it with a flower and blackberry. It still looked and tasted amazing. I would have loved to have tried some more of the cocktails but as a student currently saving up for my flat next year, I couldn’t justify spending another £12.50.

If you’re visiting London, on a budget or just looking for something to do, I’d definitely recommend visiting the Sky Gardens. I had an amazing couple of hours with such an amazing view and I definitely plan on going back sometime.


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